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Aalto People helps you find interesting work and study related contacts from our University. You can browse the various units and schools, or search for names and keywords. For now, we've limited the service to displaying only employees, but we hope to extend it to serve everyone as soon as possible.

Aalto Person - don't be shy!

Sharing more information about yourself and your expertise helps others find you. The overall picture of our University gets more detailed when we see all the expertise in the house, and the whole wide world wants to see what we do, too.

The information made public in Aalto People is used by several other Aalto services. This way, you don't have to maintain the same information in multiple places. Searches made on the aalto.fi and inside.aalto.fi sites, for example, find you best if you've filled your profile, added relevant keywords to it and made it public for discovery.

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